Thank you Beaumont

Beaumont; I put my heart and soul into you.  I look forward to devoting my experience and passion into initiatives that are important to you.

Thank you to my team, of which includes each and every one of you... for once you place your trust in me, on Election Day - this venture, the strategic planning and visionary goals of our municipality become ours to share.

Let's start tomorrow - Let's continue to make 'Life Better in Beaumont'. 

Town of Beaumont: Municipal Election (2017)
18,320+/- residents | Approx. 6,000 homes

Team Biollo = 11,000 doorsteps and many, many face-to-face conversations

My heart is full.  Thank you, Beaumont - I look forward to what the future holds for us. xo

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Women in Politics

Meet Monica:

This former 'woman in politics' moved to the Hamlet of Beaumont in 1977 and has contributed to how the community has taken shape since then.

As with Monica, who engaged me on the doorstep while I was out campaigning, I'm so appreciative of the people who have taken time out of their busy lives to share with me their vision (and sometimes their frustrations) of situations, scenarios, initiatives, or outcomes that are occurring in and around the boundaries of our town.


I sense your desire for Town Council representatives that are consultative, collaborative, constructive in their debates, and accountable in their execution.

I share your desire.

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Food Trucks in Beaumont

Meet Karen & Rob:

These community-minded, passionate entrepreneurs are anxious to get their wood-fire pizza food truck on the roads in and around Beaumont - but have been met with barriers caused by red tape, a lack of descriptive or supportive bylaws, policies and procedures, etc.

As we look for ways to diversify our commercial:residential tax base - once elected, I will advocate for more innovative and collaborative ways to support entrepreneurialism and enhance our economic development initiatives.

For more information on my platform, visit

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Grade Six School Presentations

Today I had the pleasure of interacting with future leaders of our community - Grade 6 students from Beau Meadow School.

Three classes: Approximately 77 children (about 1/3 of them live in Leduc County)

They were enthusiastic, energetic, excited to participate, and well prepared with questions about my platform, my qualifications, and the priorities (as they saw it) for the Town - (including the AquaFit Phase II, the off-leash dog park, parking in Centre-ville, and the transit system).


It was exhilarating to interact with the youth and younger generation of our community - as their fresh perspective or outlook on the future of our municipality is oftentimes reflective of matters of importance to them now (and in the future) - complemented by some out-of-the-box thinking.

Merci étudiants | Thank you, students!

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Municipal Politics

Leisa writes: My husband wants to know what your political ties are? Are you still with the Liberal party?

My response:  Leisa - I, like most, work very hard for each and every dollar that I earn - and, as a taxpayer, just like you, I hope that my money is used for programs and services, infrastructure and planning in ways that will benefit the community where I live, work, play, and invest not only for the 'here and now' - but for the foreseeable future.

I am running as a candidate for Town Council because I believe I have the skills and abilities to be the voice of the community - one that is varied in their own values and beliefs, financial or health situations, and most definitely with varied provincial and federal political views too.

Regardless of one's political view - democracy is richer because of it - and yes, although I ran as a Liberal candidate in the 2015 federal election (and there are many other candidates running for Town Council that have political affiliations too) - I would ask for your consideration that municipal politics is non-partisan - and the responsibility of your civic leaders is to be able to work collaboratively with regional, national, and federal counterparts (and/or with all orders or government).

If there is something specific that you'd like to know my stance on - please feel free to ask - but as a general overview - I am a fiscal conservative and have no problems saying no to projects that I feel are either not needed, not well thought out, or lack the sustainability (through funding) for the long term.

I'm married to a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, worked in the criminal justice system for many years and also with social service organizations - so law enforcement, crime prevention and social programs are initiatives I can get behind and support.

I'm also environmentally conscious - and think we can do much more in this regard; I enjoy our parks and recreation programs and support all means of physical fitness and/or the arts; and I'm an entrepreneur - with a Masters degree in economic development - so I understand the importance of diversifying our tax base.

Further, when you look at the roles and responsibilities of a municipally elected official - the decisions we make impact a community on a day-to-day basis - so in my opinion, having a well-rounded council - with varied personal, educational, and professional experiences can only strengthen the ideas, planning, deliberations and decision-making that form the strategic vision for our community.

For more information on my platform, please visit

Leisa writes back: Thank you Jacqueline Biollo, you have  two votes from our household.

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