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Here's what some of our neighbours had to say about me, Jacqueline Biollo:


As a woman, you're a great role model, and - you have tenacity! ~A.E.S.

You have our houses' support.  Let me know how I can help. ~E.J.

I admire you. ~D.P.B.

We support you: You have a respectable experience for politics and community engagement. ~R.K.D.B.

You have excellent public speaking skills and experience so you will no doubt blow some of these candidates out of the water! ~U.S.

You are a positive member of this community, and I think you did a great job as Councillor (previously)! ~B.J.M.

It would be great to have your experience.  ~L.W.G.

Best of luck; I know you will represent very well the residents of Beaumont! ~R.C.

Glad to see you are running Jacqueline.  You did great work for Beaumont last time you were on council.  Always appreciated your willingness to listen and look outside the box when solving issues.  We need more leaders like you.  You have my vote! ~N.W.

Hi Jacqueline!  We've passed each other through kids' activities over the years... Just wanted you to know you have my vote! ~M.T.

Glad you decided. We need strong, experienced people as candidates!! ~L.V.

Counting on you to get elected.  Make it happen. ~G.G.

You'd have my vote for sure - because of your previous experience - and, knowing a little bit about your qualifications, passion, intelligence, etc. ~C.K.

The town is ready for change and definitely needs someone in a leadership role with experience.  Go for it! ~L.R.

You definitely have my support. We need a mix of experience and new ideas.  Knowing how municipal politics work, how the town operates, and being able to build consensus in order to get things done are vital.  You have all that! ~C.B.

Please support Jacqueline for Councillor. I had the pleasure of meeting the family through Air Cadets. Truly great people... Her husband a great member of the military. I am proud to say I voted for Jacqueline in the last election. ~T.P.

...albeit, I still have a lot of research to do - but you are clearly the front runner. ~A.G.

Hi Jacqueline, I was reading through your campaign posts and I want to say I appreciate you gathering so many perspectives and remaining neutral in your responses but also being able to see the two sides... best wishes in your campaign. ~A.H.

You have our household vote... It's nice to see someone who is level-headed wanting to run.  Go Get 'em girl! ~C.B.M.

Yes, you can count on my support all around, my friend! I am so pumped you've jumped (back) in.  You're amazing! ~K.B.

You love our community, and are experienced. I think you would do a fantastic job. ~S.A.

Jacqueline: I am not able to give you my help physically, but want you to know my heart is with you every step of the way.  I do wish you all the success and hope for the future...  You have the right attitude and the enthusiasm to be successful and the drive to get you there - along with the support of your family.  ~Love, Dad

You have what our municipality needs: Visionary leadership with experience and a concrete plan! Of course I would support you! ~A.B.

110% you have my support! ~J.J.K.


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