This platform is as much yours as it is mine.

My platforms stands for the people of Beaumont, the possibility of our municipality and the potential of all Beaumontonians to live, work, play and invest in a vibrant community where economic development, diversity and inclusion, a healthy environment, and engaged and transparent government matters.

A Word on Respectful Debate:

Everyone has a right to express their opinion on topics, engage in debate, and work towards solutions together.  My campaign, all events, and on-line social media platforms are a welcoming place for anyone who wants to engage in constructive, collaborative and respectful conversation.  I welcome your thoughts, comments and innovative solutions.  It is my hope that we all set a heightened standard for respectful debates in this election.

  Vibrant Community

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Focused on strengthening consultation and communication between community stakeholders and the town, increasing the alignment of affordable housing, developing more effective and efficient recreational programs and services, and motivating collective action to crime prevention and emergency services.

I believe the success of the Town of Beaumont depends on a sustainable tax base (ideally an 80:20 commercial: residential split).  This could be achieved using innovative investments and in conjunction with financial contributions from entrepreneurs, community stakeholders, and provincial and federal incentives.

  •         Affordable Housing

I will deliberate the suitability of land for proposed use, the impact on or effect of adjacent land uses, and champion the need to balance the rights of individuals with the needs of the community.

  •        Recreational Programs and Services: Facilities

The Town of Beaumont owns and operates several recreational facilities for the enjoyment of residents and visitors alike.  (Facilities include: arenas, parks, pool, splash pad, trails and community centres.)

I am in favour of a balanced approach to new (and existing) facilities with a keen sense of responsibility for the financial impact, sustainability, and insurance/liability requirements  surrounding the maintenance, affordability and accessibility for residents to all municipal facilities.

  •         Crime Prevention and Emergency Services

I will advocate for a proactive approach to policing that places an emphasis on community policing; work to ensure proactive steps are taken to avoid pedestrian injuries and fatalities; and champion a reduction in the use of photo radar and more face-to-face contact with drivers.

  •         Beaumont for All Ages: Families | Youth | Seniors

I believe everyone deserves an opportunity to be heard, and I’m listening!

However, although Beaumont residents are provided with regular opportunities to engage in community conversations about key issues impacting the community, and are kept informed of how their input is used – we need to do better; we can do better.

I promise to be open and transparent, using any/all opportunities to engage residents at all stages of the decision-making process, through face-to-face consultation or social media platforms, and, by championing municipal evaluation measurement systems to further support communication initiatives.

Strong Economy | Smart Development

For our economy to be competitive, we need to have the right infrastructure in place, and maintain it.  The Town of Beaumont owns and operates over $129 million in assets which include: bridges, buildings, equipment, parks, roads, sewers, sidewalks, and water networks.

I propose we maximize our support for local business by encouraging continued economic diversification, ensuring our development and permit processes are as barrier-free as possible, limit property tax increases while maintaining development, and increase collaboration with provincial and federal levels of government.

I am also in favour of marketing the Town of Beaumont as a ‘destination’ stop. Picturesque and affordable, complemented by our French-village themed architecture, language diversity, new and improved facilities, local cuisine, and visionary amenities (such as hotels, arts & culture centre, and so much more).

  •        Business Processes

Greater focus and resources need to be applied to improve process flow, automate where it makes business sense and eliminate what does not. A systematic method of review and prioritization needs to be put in place to ensure we are only doing that which brings the most value to the town, administration, residents and stakeholders.

  •        Financial Performance

It is imperative that we continue to diversify our municipal tax base in terms of loans and sources of income in order to ensure a more stable basis of profitability and opportunity for future growth in any market condition.

A key focus of my campaign is on building a municipality that is effective and efficient by targeting a competitive commercial to residential tax ratio (mill rate).

One area of the town’s financial performance that needs increased attention is our long-term financial planning combined with financial forecasting, which will help the process of projecting revenues and expenditures, using assumptions about economic conditions, future spending scenarios and other salient variables.

  •        Diversity and Inclusion

Beaumont is the fifth fastest growing community in Canada; and I do not believe that we should seek city status… at least not yet.

Our municipality has been shaped by our combined history and the unique experiences of our residents.  I believe we should celebrate our broad ethnic and cultural diversity, and that Beaumont needs to take a leadership role against racism and discrimination.

  •        Healthy Environment

The Town of Beaumont is committed to the health and well-being of our municipality, and we have a responsibility to maintain and protect it – but there’s room for improvement.

I’m committed to supporting access to healthy green spaces, improving transit and active transportation options, reducing the town’s energy consumption, and revising our waste management and organics collection systems (including, but not limited to erecting more composting toilets in outdoor recreational spaces, optimizing alternative water supply programs (ex. rain barrel sales), and increasing the number of recycling stations around town).

  •         Transit

I am in favour of having a commuter transit service as a first step in ensuring full mobility for all citizens of our municipality.  Although transit provides a safe and efficient transportation alternative, Town Council must continue to evaluate the benefits and weigh the cost and maintenance implications on rate payers and the municipality now and in the future.

   Engaged and Transparent Government

Guided by Beaumont’s Strategic Plan (2016 – 2021), I am committed to reviewing the process, questioning, commenting, aligning, or proposing innovate solutions to the vision and priorities outlined.  I believe it is critical elected officials consider the future of our community.  As your Town Councillor, I promise confidence and leadership and evidence-based voting.

I also believe it’s time all Town Council meetings were available via live-stream media.  Citizens need easy access to find out what’s happening, the discussions that ensue, the deliberations Town Council have, and the decision-making process that results.  Remote access would enhance public engagement and council accountability.

  •          Regional Governance: Annexation

As we move forward into the future, we should align our processes and systems with the Capital Region to ensure we remain competitive, collaborative, and sustainable.


Supplement:  The roles and responsibilities of elected officials (Council) is goverened by the Municipal Government Act (MGA).  

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