Get involved and we build on Beaumont’s potential!


My platform stands for a vibrant community, economic development, diversity and inclusion, a healthy environment, and engaged and transparent government. 

If you share these values, please join my team and help transform the Town of Beaumont.

From spreading the word to your friends and family, or following me on social media - to strategizing, organizing events, and developing a platform – every single bit counts.

I know your time is valuable.  Joining the campaign is a unique opportunity to connect with neighbours and make lifelong friends. 

Join in the excitement of a political campaign.  Most of all help connect and transform the Town of Beaumont by sending an experienced voice to Town Council.

I am here to represent you – thank you for support. 

Please feel free to contact me and share your thoughts and ideas.


  • Talk with your friends, family and neighbours and encourage them to support Jacqueline
  • Provide comments and/or consultation regarding your vision for the Town of Beaumont, now and in the future
  • Vote for Jacqueline on Election Day!


Shout out to the A&W in town...

~staff were friendly
~facility was clean
~Team Biollo enjoyed some yummy eats after volunteering on the campaign trail



Rave: Embroidme - Beaumont

The creative team was professional; the end result was perfect.

Excited (and proud) to have my campaign team wearing these on the campaign trail during the 2017 election cycle.



Anyone hungry?

No matter where you live (Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Edmonton, Onoway) - you'll be going to the polls to vote for Mayor & Council (the people that make decisions on how to spend your tax dollars).

I can't stress enough how important it is that you educate yourself about candidates & get out & vote.

To that end - campaigns take a lot of work, will power, and volunteers. I've been 'on the doorsteps' for over a month now - with no end in sight.

Volunteers generously give of their time, energies and resources (as they would in any other volunteer capacity) - and I pride myself on appreciating my volunteers (with great SWAG and food).

So - if you ever want to trek out to Beaumont - put a few steps on your FitBit - have some fun - and get fed - consider this an open invitation.

Tonight's meal = meat or turkey chilli, buns, and a beverage. (We hit the campaign trail @7pm). xo

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Display a yard sign

Run errands for the campaign

Host a meet and greet

Raise contributions

Talk to voters door-to-door for Jacqueline Biollo

Make phone calls

Use social media to share campaign related posts

Volunteer to Get Out The Vote

Work a polling location

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